Multifunction Inkjet that can operate without color?

Jul 12, 2012
Maybe I've been approaching this problem the wrong way. I WAS looking for a Multifunction Inkjet that would do monochrome. Laser toner makes me sick - coughing, over a period of time, so I switched to inkjet and am better.

But I ONLY use monochrome in my part time SOHO, NEVER color, so the Multifunctions keep burning up color ink, then demanding that I replace it and hassling me for not doing so, until it's out and I HAVE to. I HAVE BEEN looking for a Multifunction inkjet that was monochrome only, but they're not sold, because they figure people should just get a laser.

But instead, let me ask this: Is there an inkjet Multifunction ( NOT HP, which I won't buy anymore ) where I can NOT install the color cartridges from the start, and it will operate monochrome, without hassling me, forever? All I need is the printer, scanner, copier and ADF, don't care about fax.
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