Brother multifunction custom halftones not working

Sep 6, 2018
Good day.

First post here. I have a Brother multifunction at work (I cannot recall exact model now, but it is bw and it has got duplex capabilities both for printing and scanning). It is connected via WIFI.

The printer works perfectly. But my question is that I have always found that Brother printers tend to print somewhat dark for bitmaps (I have tested several laser printers, HP, Ricoh, etc). The reason is the gamma for device is set to 1.0, which is a tad dark for my taste. Changing it under custom mode (use system halftones) to something like 0,75 or 0,80 (based on preference), yields a very nice grayscale printout.

This is all good but my main issue is that selecting any custom halftone from the dropdown list always produces the same effect (8x8 halftone). If you cannot change the halftone why is this list presented to user?

Any ideas? I would like to experiment with different screens, like Supercell or other halftones.

Another question. Using Windows 10 here. Is there any way to set gamma for printer to an specific value by default?

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