Looking for a monochrome inkjet multifunction

Jul 12, 2012
I'm looking for a monochrome inkjet multifunction for my part time home office. What they call a "workhorse", as I sometimes print 1000 or so pages a month.

The problem is that they all seem to come with color too, AND they keep cleaning the color heads, even if I don't use color, and using the ink up, then demanding that I replace them.

( The reason I don't use a laser is that the fumes get me sick, make me cough and I seem to have lost some lung capacity from using one for years. No laser suggestions please. )

The higher the paper capacity, the better, in the < $300 range.

But I cant seem to find a monochrome inkjet multifunction. Does anyone know a good one?

I'm presently using a Brother MFC-J6910DW, which is about a year old, but want a backup, and this one has a weird protocol that has caused me hassles, where it prints pages in reverse order, by default, then if I reverse them in the settings to correct it, it takes long times to process the pages before printing, and balks at around 40 pages, with errors. The people at Brother don't seem to have a viable solution.

Yet I won't buy another HP. I bought a multifunction from them before this one, and it lasted a year, for $250, then got a paper jam that broke a head guide wire in it, and no one can get parts to fix it. A $250 throw away printer. I've had two experiences like this with them, I'm done with HP.

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