Looking for a precise printer that doesn't bend the paper

Discussion in 'Printer Discussion' started by kiliank, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. kiliank


    Mar 9, 2020
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    Hi there!

    For running a small company, I am looking for a very precise laser printer.

    We are looking to print also thicker paper which I dont want to bend, so the printer should be capable of printing without bending too the paper too much.

    Printer recommendations appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!
    kiliank, Mar 9, 2020
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  2. kiliank


    Mar 16, 2020
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    Caught my attention. I don't know if such thing exist, there is a video on Youtube where someone modified a laser printer in order to print directly on PCB for electronic projects, it's thick, stiff and goes in easily, you cold say it's a flatbed laser printer.

    On the other hand IF you could... consider ink instead of laser... there are printers like the Canon IX6810 (and alike), wide format, that tolerate thick materials pretty well and the bending is just temporary, it doesn't really affect the output. A better option would be the Brother printers that have a back manual tray, allowing you to feed the printer directly almost straight without bending the paper too much (I owned a few of those, neat machines BTW). The benefit of Brother is having piezo print heads, thus you can put whatever ink you need, like waterproof, sublimation, pigment, etc.

    In case you really need such features and budget is not a problem, consider a flatbed printer (like the ones used on DTG), you can place whatever you want there, they are pricey... yes. I managed to build one (in fact a few), there are tons of tutorials on Youtube on how to build them, some more complex than others. How versatile are they? well I use mine to print directly on wood, or even wood boxes (it's adjustable). The only problem is you have to feed it one by one, separately.
    exploradorgt, Mar 17, 2020
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