Need "Adjustment Program" for Epson 3800 Stylus Pro

May 3, 2018
I've had this printer for a number of years and finally got "Maintenance Request 0088" which I understand means a new RTC battery (CR2032) must be installed. I bought the battery and then learned that after installation you must run "the Adjustment Program". I could not find this program anywhere. Upon inquiring from Epson support I was told

Thank you for contacting Epson regarding your Stylus Pro 3800. It is my pleasure to respond to your inquiry.

Sorry, the Adjustment Program is only available to authorized service centers or dealers of Epson products.

Bummer! I'm not going to waste anyone's time with an unflattering remark about Epson but there are a couple in my thoughts.This printer weighs a ton and your supposed to get a helper to lift it. I then have to drive half way across the city to where I bought the thing.

If anyone knows of where I can download this program (even if I must purchase it) I would be very grateful

Best wishes,

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