Need help choosing a smooth, easy to use printer for home use

Jan 10, 2021
Dear printer forum knowledgeables,

I need to find a new printer for home use that I can actually put a stack of paper in and it will print smoothly, without me having to fiddle with the paper to get it to work. Just load the paper, press print and wait for the result. It must also have a scanner.

Money is not much of an object, let's call it an investment in sanity.

I have an old HP F2480, which has decent print quality, but is difficult to use.

The F2480 has a lot of useability problems, I have to feed it each sheet, or it will jam. It will take in 3+ sheets at a time, it rips the corner off printed pages, or doesn't take the paper in straight, it goes in crooked. Its button also jams sometimes. This was not a real problem for a long time, but I find that since 2020, I am printing more and more at home.

So I ask you to recommend me some series of printers, or even just brands, for home use that are (in descending order of importance):
1. equipped with a scanner
2. smooth and easy to use, just load a stack, press print and forget
3. virtually free of paper jams
4. virtually maintenance-free, not overly complicated (maybe not laser then?), the cartridge must not dry very quickly.
5. has to be reasonably mainstream, so I can find cartridges for it easily
6. mainly for printing documents, I practically never print pictures
7. not very large
8. intended for single users, not networks, I print maybe 100 pages a year, but when I do, I absolutely must print successfully at home

Thank you so much. I wish you all well.
Mar 24, 2019
My most recent experience with small format printers have been hp models, used to own Photosmart 4960 and 7960, currently have hp DeskJet 8600 and a wide format Epson. If you don't mind sifting through reviews dpreview has an extensive listing of different models.

Digital Photography Review (

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