Newbie needs help with choosing a printer

Jan 22, 2012
Hi everyone,

I need advice choosing an A4 desktop color printer and i'm hoping someone can recommend something suited to my needs. Sorry but my knowledge of printers is basic.

I need a high quality printer for printing onto large labels. Basically, it needs to be able to produce professional looking prints with vibrant colors and ideally it will be able to produce crisp looking text/lines.

I know the more you spend the better the printer, but I'm on a budget so it needs to be the cheapest printer that still produces excellent prints, I'd imagine that you get to the point where the quality doesn't get that much better but the price still rises.

Also, it needs to be able to use 'fade resistant' ink as the prints will need to last for a good few years. Are there only certain brands who can do this or is this type of ink freely available for all printers?

If someone can suggest particular models then that would be great, or perhaps things to look for, like dpi? (sorry that is as far as my knowledge goes and I don't even really know how many dpi decent printers will have).

Thanks for your help


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