Epson (ET-3750) newbie - some questions

Mar 5, 2018

It's been awhile since I've had an inkjet printer of any kind, but I recently purchased an ET-3750, and it just arrived today.

We filled the tanks with ink, but then we couldn't get it to show a "Start here" page to charge the tanks. So I called Epson support, and it took quite awhile until the support person finally told us to do power+help and then do the power fill or whatever it is called.

Anyway, that is now done, and we powered the printer off and it has been sitting unplugged for about 2 hours now, and I understand I am supposed to wait 12 hours before trying to use it. Also the support person said I should do a nozzle check after starting the printer.

But, I am dying to try this thing now and I was wondering how necessary is it to wait the 12 hours?

Also, on another question: I want to use this wirelessly and we configured it to connect to one of my wireless networks, but while we messing around with it, I couldn't get the Epson software to work with it from a Windows 10 laptop that was on the same wireless network and I also could not ping the printer IP from my laptop.

Just before we finished the ink charging, I tried turning off the Windows firewall, and then I could ping the printer, but I didn't have enough time to finish trying to get the Epson software-to-printer working. Actually, I normally have my laptop connected to my network via cable, and ideally, I'd like to be able to print to the ET-3750, which would be connected to my router via WIFI.

Is that going to be possible?

Also, is turning the firewall off only needed when doing the setup? I'd hate to have to leave my firewall off.


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