Newbie Question Canon w6400 ink

Sep 30, 2014
I purchased a Canon w6400 at a steep discount $99. While I was not able to test it on site the seller said it did work. Since the price was right I decided to take the chance.

So far the errors the I'm getting are telling me to replace the ink cartridges. Not wanting to spend a ton of money on ink, since I really did not know if the printer really worked I purchased generic cartridges. 2 showed as genuine, and 1 showed as non genuine.

I turned off the ink level check as it kept on telling me I did have enough ink.

It took a while to fill up the machine I guess, and now the new cartridges seem almost have empty? Is this normal?

I also still can't print as the machine is telling me not enough ink. The yellow I did not replace yet, as the they send the wrong cartridge. So that could be the culprit.

I don't want to spend more on in if the machine is going to suck all the ink.


1. goes the machine normally take a lot of the ink out the cartridges?
2. If you turn off the ink level monitor can you print with an empty cartridge?
3. Are there any good generic inks that show as genuine.
4. if you turn off the ink level check does it still have some kind of internal sensor to detect when the tubes inside are full? Or will it just keep on sucking until the cartridges are empty.
5. Are any of you using generic ink.

If the I'm able to solve the problem with generic cartridges, then I willl buy genuine cartridges, but it's a tough sell spending $480 on genuine cartridges when you are not sure if the printer even works?

Thanks all.

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