Hello and a newbie question...

Oct 3, 2008
Hello to the Forum.

I came here because the photography forums I post to are more concerned with the process of photogrpahy than the printed output... and IMHO the only thing that matters is the final printed image, everything else is numbers floating around the ether.

I have two printers, a Canon Pixma MP470 and the "big gun" an Epson R1800 that lets me print at my favorite A3 paper size.

And for my first question to the Forum: I assumed I controlled printer (dpi) quality in Photoshop, but changing the dpi doesn't seem to make any difference and at 100% (8.4x12.5"), every 6mp image prints at 240dpi regardless of the PS dpi setting.

Unless I'm confused (frequently :eek: ) that means that unless I change the image size in PS or in the printer I'm always going to get the same printed dpi output?

So here's the question, will I get better printed image quality using the PS sizing (say reducing it without interpolation to 80%) , or scaling in the printer?
Thanks for any feedback,

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