so long HP932C...hello Canon Mp480????

Sep 15, 2009
Ok, it lasted over 10 years but has been iffy since I got a pc with Vista. Anyway I need a new printer and since my old canon scanner does not really work well with vista either I am thinking of getting a Canon MP480 all in one. I have been reading and it seams to be a value at $69. It primary will be used for the kids at home (school), as a photcopier and to occassionally print some photos (up to 8X10) How will this printer hold up? How is it on ink? Are those carts it comes with long will they last? Does it work well with recycled ink? (I never really used recycled ink before because I use to print a lot of photos but now its cheaper to upload them to Walmart for printing)

Is it easy to use? Is the software good?

I also see a Cannon MX320 for the same price? Better value...

PLEASE LET ME KNOW--I need to get one today! If there is something better under $100 and easy on the ink..let me know. Thanks again!

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