Connecting my printer long distance

Apr 23, 2018
i have the brother hl l2340d printer and for the most part is has been a decent printer, but i now have it connected via wifi and the darn thing loses the wifi about once a week. i have a friend that i got this same model for and his printer was setting next to his pc and he had wifi connection issues as well, so i think this model has wifi connection issues and that may be why they was so many on ebay. i'm thinking it does this when the modem goes int a overnight reboot. but i'm getting tired of resetting it to either the actual modem ssid or to the wps. i even moved a wifi extender into the same room and it still loses the wifi connection. i told my friend to just plug his into the pc and he did and it has not lost the connection since.

so what i want to do is just connect up a cable from the pc to the printer. the printer is in another room from the pc maybe 20' away by the best route for a cable.

so can this be done and if so what all will i need out side of having a special cord made up? is it possible to get the printer cable and somehow adapt it to a usb cable that i can get that long and with an adapter just connect them up? if not what would be the best route to take outside of putting the thing on wheels and roll it out everytime we need to print? thanks

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