Brother printer connecting to roku

Dec 5, 2018
So we just got our modem/router changed out by our internet provider. No big deal, excpect for the fact that i now have to reconnect the our Brother HL-L2305W printer to the network. (Before in the past has always been hours and a headache later that I would mange to get it up and running wirelessly, of course.) Anyways, this time around I think I managed to fix the route cause of my frustrations and maybe able to help you as well.

So first thing I did was restored all the wireless settings on the printer to default. Next I brought the printer on an extension cord (may not be necessary) as close to the modem/router as I could. Next and most importantly I disconnected (unplugged) any roku that was connected and at the time. Long story short the printer at one point found a roku when I tried to manually connect, and the fault when connection error printed out was there were 2 or more WPS or AOSS points activated. Anyways, moving forward, next i pressed the WiFi button on the printer, followed the prompts and when it started flashing I pressed the WPS button on the router/modem. Waiting a few seconds and... Success! Pretty self explanatory from here on out, anyways, sorry for the poor grammar and punctuation... I don't normally post, plus I'm on my phone. But I hope this helps.

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