Connecting a Dell Wireless Printer

Jan 6, 2013
I have my Dell V313W, wireless printer hardwired to my Dell desktop computer using Windows 7. It has worked many years without a problem..

I recently purchased a Windows 8 laptop computer and connected it to a new router. Connecting the laptop and my smart phone to the Internet via the router was easy and quick.

Today, after many frustrating hours, I was unable to connect the printer to my new laptop using the wireless feature. Both the printer and laptop are wireless.

I don't believe I have to use the router because both the printer and laptop are already wireless. My wireless laptop recognizes the printer but I was unable to print from the laptop.

I used Settings > Devices to see if the laptop recognized the printer. It did. Int he process of trying to have Windows 8 recognize the printer I was asked for the WPS PIN number. They indicated the WPS Pin number should be printed on the printer. I practically tore the printer apart and can not find the WPS PIN number anywhere.

Can someone please talk me though the set up procedure for having my laptop, Wins 8 computer recognize my wireless Dell V313W printer.

Some concerns are.

1. I would like to leave the printer hard wired to my desk top computer
2. I would like to have my laptop use the wireless connection on the printer.
3. Where can I find the WPS Pin number?
4. Is it possible to have one computer hard wired to the printer and another computer
connected wireless or do both computers need to be wireless?
5. Am I thinking correctely that the laptop computer should be able to talk to the wireless printer
directly without using the router?
6. Is it possible to connect the printer to the router and have both the desk top (not wireless) and the laptop (wireless) use the printer?

I really appreciate any help. Bill
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