Printing on a long and narrow roll. Continuous stationary / dot matrix / z paper?

May 16, 2019

I am wanting to print on a long roll around 4 meters (12 or so feet) by about 210mm wide (A4 width).
I intend to print "co-ordinates" on this long roll for use as a paper template. Each print is different as I am creating unique paper templates for each print.
I tried approaching continuous stationary people in companies but they could not help as each print as they needed a large quantity to make it feasible for them.

Could I print something like this on a printer such as this linked below?
If not what could you recommend looking at?

Thank you,


  • Test A4 x 6 metres - low res snip.JPG
    Test A4 x 6 metres - low res snip.JPG
    37.1 KB · Views: 124

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