Hello need advice for buying printer

Apr 20, 2010
i need
1.printer that have CD\DVD print tray to print on cd's
2.paper feeder and glass scanner that really works not like HP's
3.different printing heads like vivra
4.wireless (cable connection will be good also)
5.Fax (3G will be better)

i prefer canon or epson i'm intersted in model from HP (HP Photosmart Premium C309a)that have what i need but i dont like HP

Thx on advance.
Apr 20, 2010
HP so unsure??


Im in a pickle too.. I have just gone and got another HP printer c309a photo smart premium..

Not sure why! £125 and its still in the box...

its got a scanner fax copier and printer... what else would you suggest... really what im trying you say is why are you too ! not happy with the HP range


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