Hello everyone - could use some help/ideas Brother MFC-L2700DW - Scan/Paper Jam Issue

Feb 21, 2020
Hello everyone,

New to this forum but hoping someone can lend a helping hand.

I have a Brother MFC-L2700DW and I cannot figure out how to fix the issue I am having.

I can print no problem at all. But when I go to use my document feeder tray to scan or to make copies the feeder will run all of the pages through, continuing to make the noise as if its waiting for more paper and then it will beep a few times and indicates a paper jam. However there is no paper jam - not even a small little scrap and every paper that I put into the tray passes through with no issues.

I figured out then in order to clear the paper jam (so I can at least print again) I unplug the machine and plug back in. It will fire up and then after awhile it will beep and say the same paper jam error - so I lift the flatbed part up and close and then message goes away.

So im not sure what exactly is going on. If I am able to print - then I know there is no paper jam. But like I said when I go to use the feeder tray to scan or make copies - comes up as a jam and I have to reset to print.

Any idea on how to fix this ladies and gentleman?

Your help/ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

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