Need help making sure next printer I buy will actually work!

Apr 10, 2013
So couple months ago I got a Canon Pixma TS9020. Prior to purchase I had checked it out thoroughly online. Made sure the specs was what I wanted, checked that it had drivers for XP Pro and Linux, etc. Long story short, the supposed drivers were bogus:
...and I am now out $100+ for a printer I'll now have to send to the recyclers. So I'm now paranoid about buying another inkjet. I have looked into these:
Epson Stylus C88+
" Expression ET-2700
" Expression ET-2600
Specs say they do everything I need done. Affordable price. Good to great user reviews. Now from everything I can tell all three appear to have both XP Pro and Linux drivers....but then, so did the Canon. I am hoping that someone here actually knows what they are doing (because I apparently do not!), and can doublecheck to make 100% sure that these models really have legit drivers for XP Pro and Linux. Thanks for any help.

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