need help with setup for HL-L8350CDW

Discussion in 'Brother' started by Vlad, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Sep 29, 2015
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    Hi, in my office we just got (about a month ago) the HL-L8350CDW with an extra paper tray option
    the install went swimmingly all is working except one thing, we can not choose the proper tray to print to.

    this printer is used as general doc printing AND a label printiner.
    the build-in tray (Tray 1 ) is used for labels (avery 3x4 4 per page) as it is smaller capacity
    the add-on (Tray 2) is used for plain paper.
    we use Windows 7 machines, each PC have 2 printer setup pointing to the same machine.
    1 printer setup to use tray 1 and another to use tray 2.

    and it works almost all the time except we also have several DBase applications some are old DOS 16 bit
    and some newer windows 32 bit that need to print to this printer.

    I have setup Tray priority on the printer to be MP/T1/T2 initially. all 32 bit windows apps are fine with it and since they used to print labels they print to Tray 1.
    but DOS apps runed from XPMode have no options to choose tray or even printer hence they are also printing to tray one regardless what settings I do on the driver side. BUT if I change the tray priority to MP/T2/T1 on the printer the 32 bit apps start printing on regular paper (remember it is Tray 2)
    I understand the tray priority setting if it based on paper type and such and not used, but shouldn't the printer honor the tray set in the driver before internal settings?

    please advice
    Vlad, Sep 29, 2015
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