Need installation CD for Brother HL-5350DN series printer

Nov 26, 2015
I have a Brother HL-5350DN series monochrome laser printer which was connected wirelessly to two iMac computers via an Apple Airport Express. A lightning storm blew up the Airport Express so, until I could get a new one, I reconfigured the set-up so that the printer had a USB connection to one printer at a time, as needed.

I now have a new Airport installed and the printer is plugged into it but I can't get it to connect - in System Preferences>Printers and Scanners it shows up as Offline with a red (error) dot.

I've lost my original installation CD and I can't find where to download the software (drivers, yes but no install software). Is there somewhere I can do that or, alternatively, is there another way to configure the printer? If I click on the + sign under the printer list in System Preferences>Printers and Scanners, it opens an empty Add box in which I have to fill in all sorts of info that I don't have.


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