Need new printer! What about?

Jul 11, 2011
I've finally gotten tired enough with my Dell 964 AIO printer and looking to replace it with something similar but better. Here is the problem though, I don't know anything about printers, other then what they do. I hate the cost of replacement cartridges in my Dell and its so slow I think I could re-draw an image quicker then it copies.

I have heard really good things about Brother and found two that I'm considering so I would appreciate any advice on it or other similar printers of similar cost (under $400). I would still prefer an all in one but can do without the fax feature. Speed is more important then quality, i wont be printing pictures. Mainly docs and floorplans, so the ability to print larger paper is a plus. (11x 17 is plenty though)

Here is the two im currently considering: Brother MFC-J6910DW & Brother MFC-9320CW
and I'm wide open to someone if they have suggestions. THanks in advance for the help!

Walnut Ridge

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