new epson 1400 not printing colors all the way.profile or cleaning??W/PICTURES

Jun 10, 2009
hey yall, this is my first post...

so the problem im having is with my new epson 1400 printer, it is not printing pictures all the way.. in the picture that i have attached u can see the printer is missing the dark shadows of the hat, and also around his jacket... im kinda new to the epson printers, i use to have a canon i9900..

make a long story short, i have done print head cleaning many times, even though the printer is less than 1 month old, i have printed maybe 10 times...

or do u think its a setting problem....

i am using a epson 1400, with the inkjetfly CIS ..running it on XP, photoshop cs2..
also pigment ink...

any suggestions.. take a look at photos...there is a original, then a print before gettin profiles, and then after install profiles.... i dont know what to think?


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