Officejet Pro 8500A Plus fake paper jam error?

Mar 26, 2020
This printer was in storage for months. I thought I look at it thinking it had the typical ink issue. Either empty cartridges or bad print heads. But I couldn't get it to pull the paper far enough for the roller just behind the print head to keep feeding. The pickup roller that drops down to the tray works. The paper feeds through the back around the duplexer (not sure about the name of that thing in the back) and up to the sensor flag but just pass the sensor flag. It stopped about 1/4 inch from the roller mentioned above. The display at this point says "Clear the paper jam". The paper is not wrinkle or jammed. I use a photo paper (thicker) so I can "help" it by pushing it just a little so the roller behind the print head would catch it and it did. The paper was "caught" and fed through the printer as if it was printing. It didn't print anything though. I figure I mess with it enough times and it did a "Head cleaning" every time so I'm pretty sure all the ink is gone. I cleaned the sensor and the flag I mention above but I still can not get it to feed through. I'll deal with the ink problem later if I can fix the feeding paper problem. Any ideas on what to do? There are lot of videos that show a broken white gear (covered by a black shroud). I checked that gear and it doesn't look broken. Besides that gear seems to be related to the pick up rollers which works.

Any help would be appreciated? Thanks

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