OKI 8432wt - Issue with colour switch (white to black)

May 21, 2024
Hi, I work for a company that purchased second hand an OKI 8432wt printer a few months back. The printer originally came with white toner/drum and we need true black.
We print CAD/technical drawings on aluminium dials, so quite a peculiar thing compared to the t-shirt businesses out there.
I tried many times to install the ICC profile downloaded from the OKI website without success, as it does not recognise the printer AT ALL (connected and installed via USB).
I asked OKI for support, they made me install manually the black profile through their OKI configuration tool and although it seems installed the printer still recognises the black drum/toner as white so there is NO option for me to select black finish with true black and still prints black as composite. We cannot accept this finish as it is not what we are trying to achieve.

Even the OKI support eventually was at its wits end and gave up telling me to contact an engineer (and my boss won't be happy, but hey, I just work with what I have got).

Any suggestions/help/someone in the same situation that can give me a hand? Thanks a lot.

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