OKI 9650-please help before I drive to Oki and graffiti the place!


Sep 14, 2011
New Oki 9650n SIgnage...printing 2 bands/page (white horizontal lines when ink coverage is heavy).

Any ideas on things to try to eliminate these? Already turned the drum cleaning feature to ON...helped for a few sheets then stopped helping.

Using 100-110LB Cover-from Crane, Finch, French,Strath, Sundance, Futura...you name it we're testing.


Oki's NJ CORP. DIV. MANAGER response to the unsellable samples I sent:

"I'm surprised how good these look.
This is expected with heavier paper. Try thinner paper.
(If I was selling a product that required thinner paper...I would using it-duh!).
There is nothing wrong with the machine.
We will NOT send a tech out- ( even when I offered to pay for it).
Our specs state that print quality is varied at higher weights.
And yes, I do know that it is specked to go to 365 GSM and your test is at 270."

The printer was not banding this spring out of the box- We only have 300 pages on it. They do NOT stand behind print quality at all.

BTW...if you are considering an OKI- their list of servicers for their equipment is incorrect. Call yourself first.

Other horrid things to expect from OKI service:

You have to SEND print samples before they will even call to schedule a tech-this process is nightmare.

They will tell you they will send you a FED EX SLIP. They won't. Don't wait- even when you call to remind them again...it does not come. Even when you were on the phone with the ONLY person there in charge of doing it.

They will tell you they will get the samples the next day and call you to trouble shoot.
They won't....it takes more than a day to get the fed ex you paid for to get from the mail room to the recipient.

Don't expect to be running any version of Vista and use their printer.

Expect lot's of hassles and time trying to get the proper installs for a MAC.

Expect the phone rep to be limited in knowledge and have to be put you on hold every time you have a question to go ask someone else...very very time consuming.

Since there are other vendors out there selling printers with better print quality ratings at 270 GSM (KM)...most people are likely buying it MAINLY for it's ability to print on higher GSM media. BIG MISTAKE- unless it is for internal company use or a toy for your kids and banding, first page crud and ghosting are A-okay with you.

Hopefully this saved some of you the 4K I wasted!
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Oct 28, 2015
i have been using oki printers close onto 6 years now and i have had these problems and as a techie i found a way around most of these issues like the ghosting did u try setting your media weight to a higher setting say to 300gsm if you printing on 270gsm??
the banding comes from the charge roller which regularly needs cleaning

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