Oki B431DN Custom Media Sizes

Feb 6, 2020
Hi Guys,
Need some help here. I have spent the last 2-3 days crawling through the interwebs for an answer.

I bought an Oki B431DN printer a few days ago as it ticked some boxes for the job i need
Only problem is, I have no idea how to set custom sizes. I have done everything the manual tells me to do (Yes, that's how
desperate I got, I read the manual!) But still no joy. I bought the machine as it states it can take up to 1200mm, which is more than what I need.

I am a digital canvas printer by trade, so i have a fairly decent grasp of what im doing and which way to face while doing it

I need to print a custom size of 110mm x 520mm not too much to ask, you would think

Any help would be fantastic (appropriate to my printing problems, that is)

Thanks in advance

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