oki b440dn only prints very faintly, help aprreciated.

Aug 22, 2014
Hello there!

I found this site on google and read through a few things but couldn't find a solution to my problem. I'd be grateful for your help as I am new to laser printers.

My inherited oki b440dn has a new toner cartridge, I have run several cleaning pages, I have cleaned the laser light strip thingy, I managed to get into the user settings and found that the drum has only made 300 or so copies and I have tried to use different brands of paper. Everything comes out very faintly in grey. I found a black setting in the user settings and changed it from 0 to +2 and now it is a little better, but not stunning. I don't know anything about drums, but do know that it is possible to set the drum count to 0 to fool the printer into keeping going! Perhaps I'm missing something really obvious!

Any ideas?
Thank you for reading.

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