OKI B820 won't print auto duplex from Sibelius

Dec 8, 2015
Hi all,

This is my first post.

I have recently purchased an OKI B820 A3 printer with duplex. The printer works very well but for one problem.

I can't get the automatic duplexing function to work from Sibelius, so that I can print A4 booklets on A3 paper. The auto duplex option is greyed out. (see attached screenshot)

I have turned the duplex function on and off in the printer menu on the machine itself, to no avail, and tried every option in printer setup windows etc.

Duplex seems to work OK in other apps, like A4 PDFs exported from Word etc.

As a workaround I have tried to export the Sibelius scores as PDFs and then print them in Adobe, but it simply prints full size both sides on A3, not A4 size as a booklet on A3.

Up until recently I had an ancient (c2000) second hand Canon A3 office printer, which handled automatic duplexing from Sibelius with no problem. I got rid of it for the new OKI because it was too big.

Anybody have any clue on what might be going on here?

Any help appreciated.



Mac Pro 2013, OSX 10.10.1, Sibelius V8.


  • OKI Sibelius Duplex settings.png
    OKI Sibelius Duplex settings.png
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