Oki C5650n and glossy paper - bad mix!

Discussion in 'OKI' started by 0netrack, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Sep 24, 2010
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    Hi all,

    I've recently purchased an Oki C5650 printer. I'd received a sample print out from a company and was really impressed with the quality, I need a printer to print small round stickers on gloss paper for products I sell online.

    I started using the printer fully yesterday, by printing around 4 sheets of glossy labels. The paper I use is from AA Labels, the high gloss circular white peelable, 35 labels per page (suitable for laser printers and copiers).

    The first page came out fine, but the second page was ok at the top, but soon after this the print was literally falling off the page - some areas of the page were blank, and there was fibrous material in clumps around the page. Other areas that had printed were powdery, and could be rubbed off. I printed another page, and the problem was even worse, the same as before, but now spots of black ink everywhere, and on the back of the paper, long stripes of matted, fibrous black ink.

    I took this as a sign to stop printing, and left it for a few minutes, then printed a demo page on normal a4 matt paper to see if the problem was continuing - again, thick black stripes on the back of the paper, and black spots on the front.

    I printed a few more demo pages and the problem continued, so I left it overnight.

    This morning I rang Oki tech support - they told me that glossy paper was not good with laser printers, as the effect of the reflective paper is to heat up the fuser and stop it working. Apparently I can use it occasionally, but not continuously. He advised me how to clean the fuser and check for any remnants on the drums, and print out some demo pages to clear it. I've now printed out several demo pages and blank pages, but there is still a small amount of blank ink coming out, I'm hoping it will clear up as I continue to use it.

    I'm a bit annoyed, as I have fairly large stocks of this glossy paper, and don't really want to buy new matt paper, but I also can't really just print a single page 'every now and then'. There are no warnings online or in the manual about Oki printers with glossy paper, and there is even a glossy setting on the paper settings menu. I had been using an HP 2600n (which never had this problem), and I thought I'd purchased a really good quality printer that would be a lot more flexible as well as giving top quality, but apparently not...

    There's not much I can do about this now, unless anyone thinks that the paper I'm using is not really suitable for lasers and copiers as it states (it says high gloss but it really isn't, I'd probably call it 'medium gloss') and there is a better alternative, but I suppose I just want this to serve as a warning for anyone who is considering buying this model of printer to use predominantly with gloss paper.

    Any advice will be much appreciated!

    0netrack, Sep 24, 2010
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