OKI C844 – increasingly dirty print

Sep 30, 2019
I'm wondering whether anyone might recognise my problem …

I'm printing a photo montage onto A4 250 gsm smooth card. It prints fine for a while, and then white spots/blotches start to appear at the bottom right – gradually getting larger and more widespread on subsequent sheets. A few black marks also start appearing on the bottom left, getting worse with each print. I've never had this problem before. If I continue to print on plain paper, the marks remain.

I've taken the printer apart and there's no dirt anywhere except for a few black marks on the fuser roller, which I've cleaned.

It seems that if I turn off the printer and wait a couple of minutes, the printer starts to print cleanly again. That might be a coincidence, of course.

Could this be temperature related or maybe some sort of cleaning process occurs on powerup.

I'm set to
Media Type: Rough
Media Weight: Ultra Heavy 3

If this rings any bells, I would be most grateful to hear!

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