OKI C9655 dirty background when printing

Aug 22, 2016
Hi there I'm hoping someone might be able to offer some advice on an issue I have with my OKI C9655.

When printing anything through the multipurpose tray all prints have a dirty background on there. This only happens when printing through the multipurpose tray. Printing through tray 1 the background is fine. Its only been happening over the last few weeks, and seems to slowly getting worse.

All consumables have plenty of life in them at the moment.

I have attached an image of the print (on the left), and what the card looks like prior to printing.

This is being printed on Xerox Colotech 300gsm, though the same problem happens on other stock including standard 80gsm.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Nov 2, 2016
Hi there, I've just been through the same thing. I believe it's your drums! The C9655 is, in my opinion, NOT suitable for heavy card stock no matter what they claim. You can replace the drum that is at fault and within a few weeks it'll do it again. We had two of these printers and lost a lot of business because of constant down time. We ended up buying a Xerox Phaser 7800 and so far it's been brilliant. The downside with the Xerox is that you can only put about 20 sheets of card in at a time and you have to confirm on the printer itself every time you put in new card that it is indeed the same size/colour/orientation. Once you get used to this though it's a far superior quality. I hope this helps.

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