Oki C9655 Streaking from black image drum

Apr 8, 2018

Hope someone can help. My printer has been working absolutely fine - all consumables well over 50%. I haven't been printing much lately and the printer is stored in my old office in the garden which has been cold and damp - thus the first few printed sheets have been streaked with black in a track formation in exactly the same place on the page but after a few prints clears and all is fine once warmed up!

I've decided to sell the printer so go out today to clean it up and print to clear the problem and it is worse than ever and won't clear. The tracks are again in exactly the same place but remain dark. I've established that it is the black toner drum because it is the first drum in the sequence of 4 and I can see the toner sitting on that drum. I've cleaned the led bar, cleaned the transfer belt (I do this regularly anyhow) and it is very clean (cleaner than I expected it to be!) and the fuser unit is fine. However as I say I can see the toner sitting on the drum. I can't turn the drum to clean it but even if i could I can't work out why it is sitting there and not being swept into the waster toner unit? With that said why would the toner be there? I can't think!! Can anyone help? I'm not sure what to replace as it is so expensive but I am almost sure it is not a drum issue.

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