OKI MB451 ADF sensor error

Discussion in 'OKI' started by quovadis, Jan 31, 2018.

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    May 18, 2017
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    My friend also has a OKI MB451 that shows a blockage on the display panel on the document feeder , and tells me to lift the top open and remove the blockage , however I have been all over this document feeder and can find no blockage at all
    I have read a few posts , and it suggests cleaning the rollers etc , but still no go ... If I go into test page and error logs the printer prints beautifully see there appears to be no issue at the lower end of the printer so it must be a sensor or something that is causing the error in the ADF ??
    As a matter of interest on the error log it shows past errors since new as being

    391 paper jam
    381 paper jam
    380 paper jam

    Can anyone send me a service manual and guide to show how I can address these issues and importantly find where these sensors are ?

    Any help really appreciated
    quovadis, Jan 31, 2018
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