OKI MB472 Airprint problem

Dec 1, 2015
Hello all,

I'm having keeping four Macs connected to an OKI MB472 in our office
At the moment, these four computers are connected to a wireless router through the wifi in the office. This router is bridged from our main modem and the printer is plugged in to this same router.

At the moment, these machines are connected and can view the printer fine, until after about 15 minutes when the printer cannot be located and is not viewable in System Preferences. If the wireless router is restarted all will be ok and it shows up again but I'd like to see the printer there all the time! side note: there is one windows PC, which always stays connected to the printer.

With my limited knowledge, I'd assume it's some network settings within the printer that are wrong? Oki technical support can not advise at I've exhausted all of my ideas.

Hoping someone can help & really appreciate any input!

Many thanks,

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