Okidata C5200N Power Up Problem (LCD Display Dims & 2 Moving Black Squares Appear)

Jul 20, 2014
I posted this video of what happens on YouTube. Search for:

"OKIDATA C5200N Power Up Problem"

Sorry. I would have submitted a link, but I do not have over 10 posts as yet.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

***UPDATE*** 7/28/14: I found another C5200N on Ebay (sold as "non working, parts only") which was dirt cheap (< $5) although the shipping cost $50.00

Anyway, the description, as well as the pictures in the auction show that the unit at least powers up (which is more than I can say for mine). Even if the other consumables (fuser, drums, transfer belt) inside it are toast, I can simply replace them with the ones from my "dead" unit, and hopefully have a working printer.

Will post another update when it arrives in another week or so.

***UPDATE*** 8/1/14: The C5200N I won on Ebay arrived the other day. It was missing the fuser assembly, but it powered right up. After I cleaned it up (lots of toner all over the inside) I checked the page count which was just over 13,000 (which means the drums were on the way out). So I just swapped out the drums, fuser, and toner cartridges from my non working C5200 and VoilĂ , I now have a working printer.

If I ever figure out what's wrong with the LCD display (probably a bad PCB) I'll try to obtain the part and then all I'll need is another fuser assembly and I'll have two working C5200n printers.:D
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