Continuous Form Printing Problem...Excel/Okidata ML395/JetDirect

Nov 20, 2015
Hi all,

I am starting to explore a printing problem that has been presented to me.
We have an old Okidata ML395 and associated old JetDirect that uses an Excel form to add data to a field on pre-printed continuous forms.

This form is printed only sporadically, but I have been told that often when a printing job is initiated, the first record is aligned correctly, but subsequent records are all mis-aligned.
Currently, to resolve this problem, the office manager "rebuilds" the Excel form, at which time it prints successfully (as many copies as needed).
This solution only seems to last until the next print job (which may be in a month or two).

I have yet to spend any real time researching this issue, but wonder if any "old timers" have seen similar problems in the past and can offer me some leads to follow?



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