Mar 3, 2017
Hello, can anyone help me, we have just installed the above printer - 2 paper trays 1 x letter - tray 1 - 1 x legal -tray 2 - the customer wants to scan from the glass and wants it to default to the letter size,
Each time you press scan the message comes up select size, they do not want to do this, they just want to scan to letter. I have been on the phone to OKI support for hours and they have not helped me fix the issue. Can anyone help me please and thank you,

Dec 7, 2016
see these videos:

and this one:

and this:

Change "Default Settings"
Click "Start" -> Control Panel -> Click "Devices and Printers" option.
Right-click on the "Oki Printer" icon and select the "Printing Preferences"
Click the tabs at top of window to navigate between different settings
Make desired changes to the default printer driver settings
Click the "Apply" button at the bottom of window to overwrite default settings with your new changes.
Click the "OK" button

Hope this will be helpful

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