Mar 15, 2018

I'm running my old, faithful, OL810 on a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit pc with 32GB RAM.

Whenever I try to print any pdf, or tif or tiff document, the OL810 (with a 2-MB extra
memory card) is giving me an, "ERROR PAGE BUFFER OVERFLOW" message.

Word documents (MS Word 2010), QuickBooks checks and more all print perfectly,

no errors, no warnings etc.; just like it did over 20 years ago.

My "Print Menu" report's (relevant) settings:

Program ROM: CU 03.70 A00 PU 06.00 FONT 01.12
Page Memory: 1M Bytes Installed and I have a 2MB optional memory card installed,
so a total of 3 MB available.
Font No. : I000
I-Prime: ON
Auto Continue: ON
Auto Eject: 15 seconds

After I press Recover, the printer splits the single page into two (2) pages, printing the
upper 2/3 of the page on page-1 and the lower 1/3 on page-2.

This is happening with a pdf as small as 74KB. This seems to me that with the memory
in this printer of 1-MB, 74KB should not be causing this memory overflow! But it is!

My original OL810 manual states,
"To clear a data overflow condition, you must press the Reset button.
"The printer will then continue to print.
"In some cases, the result will be an image spread out over two pages . . . "

Which is exactly whats happening to me.

Is there a workaround?

Perhaps a way to spool the job onto the pc's drive and let out data
at a rate that will not overwhelm the printer?

Any help is much appreciated!
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