PDF button on new Epson Perfection V37 scanner.

Feb 5, 2021
I have a new Epson Perfection V37 scanner. I need too have it to scan consecutive pages by pressing the PDF button on the top of the scanner as jpeg files. At this writing pressing the pdf button causes a window to appear called Scan to PDF Button. It also show two options to select. When either selection is clicked on, and OK gets clicked on the windows closes and nothing happens. Pushing the pdf button a second time, the scanner does nothing. The troubleshooting in the user manual does not offer any solutions. How do I get the scanner to a perform a scan from the scanner to control panel. The documentation implies that scanning this done by pressing the pdf button. Ultimately I want to have it scan as a jpeg file from the control panel without needing to start each scan from the onscreen menu..Tnx

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