Pixma ix6820 suddenly only prints blank pages

Mar 28, 2019
Hello, guys, my Pixma ix6820 suddenly only prints blank pages.

I bought this printer a couple of years ago, only used it lightly. Probably printed less than 50 pages in total. It was working fine a month ago, then I didn't use it for 2 weeks. When I tried to print something, it suddenly got this issue.

I replaced the cartridges, cleaned the nozzle (both through the printer's utility software and using water to physically clean it), still nothing. The printer does all the maneuvers as same as usual as if it's perfect. Just only when the paper comes out, it's completely blank.

After it spits out a blank page, I checked the nozzle, it does have ink of all colors on it.

I tried it on different papers, the same result.

I called Canon's support line, the staff doesn't know anything other than reading the manual to me.

Do you know what might be the reason, and how can I fix it myself? Or what parts should I order? Deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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