Price per page for inkjet vs color laser printer

Jan 25, 2023
I currently have an HP Officejet Pro 8600 all in one printer. I need to purchase new ink so I am considering upgrading to a color laser printer because my current printer is getting old. One of the often stated advantages of laser over inkjet is a lower cost per page to print. The laser printer that I’m considering is the HP M283 CDW. When I do the calculations for both of these printers, assuming XL capacity for both, I get OfficeJet ( $0.0263 B, $0.09 C) and Laser ($0.033 B, $0.135 Color) cost to print per page. Based on my calculations the cost per page is higher for this laser printer than it is for my OfficeJet. This is different from what I’ve been reading. Am I missing something?

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