Looking for something that might not exist: a moderately priced laser printer that can print 12"x18"

Apr 8, 2016
All of the laser printers I've found that print on supertabloid size (12"x18" or 13"x19", depending on who you ask) are expensive, heavy-use beasts for offices that run $2,000+. I'm looking for one that's for low-volume consumer usage… might print upwards of 1,000 pages in a year. It will only be used for B&W docs (sheet music, specifically), so a laser printer makes more sense for my needs than an inkjet printer, and a monochrome one would be fine. Are there any laser printers that print larger than tabloid size and are priced for consumers and not offices? Something less than $500 would be ideal. I realize there's absolutely no consumer market for this, so I doubt it exists, but I thought I'd check.

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