Print does not completely match preview

Jun 4, 2015
I am doing an organizational chart type design using the "drawing mode" of EXCEL 2010. Each unit consists of a photo with the personal info in an outlined block beneath. The height of all blocks is identical, the widths vary to fit the name; I adjust blocks as needed. The print preview shows all the data I have entered. The print omits some of the data in some of the blocks, while printing the others as set up. I know that I can obtain all the data on the print by changing the height of the block. The blocks would then be of different heights altering the symmetry of the layout and extending the layout height beyond the paper size; it is close as is.

What can I do to eliminate this problem, other than reduce the scale? Is there a way to vary the line spacing in the draw mode of EXCEL.

I am printing these charts at a 13 x 16 size using an EPSON WF-7520 Wide Format printer.

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