Print issues Epson ET 15000


Apr 19, 2023
I’ve used my printer since October with no issues until recently. Converted for sublimation. I’m having print issue that is hard to describe so I can’t find answer. Issue (pic attached) is horizontal every few inches top to bottom. I don’t even know how to explain so please check out pic. It’s like strip across is either smudged, smeared, missing ink, sprayed - I’m sorry I just don’t know how to explain. On top of that, now there’s also an outline (2nd pic). My settings haven’t changed. I’ve done nozzle checks which are fine. Printhead clean and alignments. A few of the alignments were hard as the first horizontal one wanted me to pick which boxes touched but didn’t overlap - none of them touched. Did it a time or two more and finally had boxes that touched with no overlap. The vertical alignment asked for line with no gap - all options had gaps. So after a few, I picked the best one. No idea how it got so out of aligned. printer hasn’t been moved.

the only thing I have noticed is there’s a little ink on the cable under the transparent one. (Diagram pic). Could this be the cause?

1st pic is after printing
2nd print is after pressing on tumbler

any help would be appreciated.


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