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Nov 11, 2010
Companies who provide print industrial supplier service must ensure that they maintain their equipment to supply to the demand. They must also ensure that they always have the best in the market to compete with rivals. Manufacturers of printing equipment and supplies therefore must stay on top of the market too, to be certain that they are providing the printing industry with the best equipment available. Printing companies need to invest in a whole array of supplies to carry on their business on a daily basis. This involves printer cartridges, ink for refillable cartridges, paper, photograph paper, labels, adhesives and finishing products are to name but a few.
Aside from the supplies listed above, and the products relating to them, printing equipment is also very important. Equipment may include printers, desktop printers or industrial printers, printers for labels or barcodes and even photographs, scanners, CAD/CAM technology, state of the art digital printing equipment, and the list goes on.

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