Print Smudge/Artifact on Brother MFC-7360N

Mar 21, 2022
I want to sell this old printer, but would like to fix this print issue first if possible. I've attached an image of the issue.

The smudges are very regular in shape and how they're spaced apart. I have tried cleaning off various parts inside the drum unit (DR-420) and cartridge. For example, the OPC drum roller had a caked on bit of dried ink which looked like the smudge shape...but cleaning it off didn't eliminate the problem. I've also wiped down the thin transfer roller (metal rod) and the developer roller on the cartridge itself, looking for clogs or clumps of ink, etc.

I've also run the printer's drum cleaning procedure 5 times with a blank sheet of paper. My efforts have considerably lightened the smudge, but it's still there.

Is there anything else I can try? Can I replace the toner cartridge itself to fix this, or something else more expensive?


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