MFC-L2740DW Print Quality Issue - 1st Page Always Smudged

May 15, 2020
Hi we owned this MFC-L2740DW for 2 years and it's good printer. But since the beginning of this year, it started to get some print quality issue -- to be specific, every time we print, the first page always come with some black stain or smudge. Please refer to the uploaded pic.

However all subsequent pages are OK. If you continue to print this won't be an issue. But if paused for an hour or so, and start to print again, the 1st page will be dirty again.

We opened up the printer, and can see that the green, smooth-surfaced roller (don't know what it's called) has some black powder stick to it. Wiped off with a wipe, and that fixed the issue for a while, then it came back again.

We've changed cartridge but problem stays the same. We always buy genuine cartridge from Staples so don't think cartridge is the culprit.

Anybody with similar experience? Or is 3 years considered "Old enough" for Brother printer? Any advice is appreciated!


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