Print to fax -- HP Officejet Pro 6830

Feb 12, 2015
Regular printing works, but the print to fax is broken. I get error message: Failed - Printer not connected.
But for regular printing, the printer is in fact connected and working...
What I tried:
1 restore global default settings in the printer
2 Delete all HP software, check printmanagement.msc to make sure that no HP drivers are left. Then reboot and add HP printer through Windows add printer wizard, run HP Printer Doctor.exe to install drivers and software, then install HP universal fax driver HPUFD_Installer_2.0.86.0.
Windows Control center shows that the printer is installed, set as default printer, and does not complain of missing drivers or anything.

Windows 10 pro x64 version 1809

Please help.


Update: Issue resolved.
I got an error message from print-to-fax job that the printer is not connected, but the problem was that the phone line was busy.
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