Printed margins differ from print module settings (Lr4)

Sep 17, 2013
Hi, I'd be much obliged if you could assist with my problem.

AIM: Photos with small border (approx 2mm wide margin)
RESULT: Margins are incorrect & inconsistent (i.e 1mm left margin, 4mm top etc)

Borderless print size is selected as any other option does not enable <5mm border. All printer settings have been checked and correct for paper size & type.

Equipment used:

Laptop: MacBook Pro
Software: Lightroom 4
Printer: Kodak AiO ESP C310

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Jun 27, 2013
Sorry, no help (from this owner of Canon printers), but you'll probably have better success getting an informed answer by posting this question in the Kodak sub-forum.

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