Printer for leaflets, flyers, business cards etc

Mar 12, 2022
I'm looking to buy a printer for my shop, my budget is around 1000euro, can anyone recommend a good printer for leaflets, brochures, business cards etc. Thank you!
Jul 11, 2020
The most versatile printer I've ever owned is the Brother MFC-J6945DW. It will print on anything from 3.5x5 up to 11x17. It has three paper sources: two bottom trays that hold half a ream each, and a back feeder that will take another 50 for one-off jobs. I love the fact the back feeder isn't just single sheets like a lot of other printers.

The other great feature is that it will do borderless on normal paper, which is a huge plus for professional looking stuff. I have a small restaurant and use this printer to do my take-out tri-fold menus, plus small posters. On most printers, you have to use photo paper for borderless. So you either pay a fortune for the paper, or lie to the printer and tell it that it has photo paper when you don't and then fuss with the print settings forever to try and compensate. So borderless on plain paper is really gold.

If you do use proper glossy paper, this printer also has the finest photo printing I've ever seen on a 4-colour printer. I've only ever seen better on dedicated photo printers.

And lastly, is that the ink cartridges are separate from the print head and it pumps ink from them into an internal reservoir. Which means it's safe and easy to use refillable cartridges. and its Canadian partner both just started carrying the refillable cartridges for it.

It's a physically large printer, but I found if you leave the top "enclosure" off, it's sized perfectly for a microwave stand.

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